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City of Maitland City Hall and Fire Station

AVCON provided program management and the design-build criteria package for these projects. The criteria package included 30% Design Plans and stormwater permitting with SJRWMD and covered the following project elements:

  • Final Design and Permitting of the Temporary Fire Station on the Existing City Parking Lot: The permit was part of a 17-acre drainage basin served by a Regional Pond. A temporary pond was utilized until the infrastructure was constructed to connect the site to the existing pond.

  • Paving, Grading and Drainage: The paved parking surfaces were constructed with 12 inches of stabilized subgrade; eight inches of limerock, soil cement or crushed concrete; and two inches of Type S Asphalt. The drainage system accommodates the roof drains from the building roof and consists of 18-inch RCP pipe that will tie into the existing drainage system at the corner of Horatio and US 17-92.

  • Utilities: Existing utilities required upsizing to a four-inch water line, 10-inch fire line and an eight-inch sanitary line, as well as a backflow preventer and FDC connection. The project also included a new sanitary sewer line.

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