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Parramore Heritage Central Pond Repairs
Orlando, Florida

  • The City used stormwater utility funding and is selling credits back to developers within the 103-acre basin. AVCON recently re-permitted this entire pond basin with SJRWMD, adding sheet pile walls to portions of the pond banks to reduce erosion issues and add treatment volume to the system.

  • The Central Pond system is made up of two ponds that are connected by a 48-inch equalizer pipe. The north pond was experiencing severe side slope erosion problems. AVCON was retained by the City of Orlando to determine solutions for the failing and steep pond side slopes and for bringing the Parramore Heritage Central Pond system into compliance. The concept of this pond is that is serves as a Regional Pond for the surrounding area to encourage development and provide added stormwater water quality improvements to the existing drainage basin. It was determined that the best solution for the erosion issue was to drive a vinyl sheet pile wall along the east and west pond banks. As designed, the total length of vinyl sheet pile wall was 616 linear feet.

  • The project also included:
    • GIS mapping of the existing stormwater facility, a full ADICPR model of the 103-acre basin, water quality computations, littoral zone calculations, and design of a retaining wall to increase capacity to the serve the entire basin.


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