New Ground Run-Up Enclosure at Orlando Melbourne International Airport

The Melbourne Airport Authority is currently working with the Ivey’s Construction, Inc., AVCON, INC., and Blast Deflectors, Inc. Design-Build Team to design and install a Ground Run-up Enclosure (GRE) at Orlando Melbourne International Airport (MLB).

What is a Ground Run-up Enclosure? 

A GRE is an acoustically and aerodynamically designed three-sided, open top facility, used to dampen the acoustic impact from engine runups.  Engine runups are required by the Federal Aviation Administration as part of regularly scheduled aircraft maintenance.  They require the operation of an engine at high power on the ground for several minutes, which generates elevated noise levels.  A GRE not only provides noise absorption, but it also incorporates jet blast protection which is built into the rear wall structure.  Furthermore, A GRE serves as an aerodynamically stable testing environment for all aircraft in as wide a range of meteorological conditions as possible.          


Orlando Melbourne International Airport (MLB) reconstructed all three of their runways in 2018; was recently selected by Aerion Supersonic to develop its worldwide headquarters and integrated campus for research, design, assembly and maintenance of the company’s supersonic aircraft; and in 2022 will start receiving its first transatlantic flights from British Airline TUI.  

Rob Hambrecht, PE, Project Manager, has been working with MLB since 2013 and will be leading the AVCON Design Team on this project. “This is another one of the more unique projects I’ve been fortunate to be a part of with AVCON. This project also showcases the capabilities of AVCON’s Aviation, Civil, Structural, and Electrical Design groups. Working with MLB, Ivey’s and BDI has been a great experience”. 

A siting study has already been completed, and the site was selected and approved by the FAA.  Design for this $4M project is currently underway and includes Sitework; Concrete; Structural Steel; Miscellaneous Metals; Mechanical; Plumbing; Doors, Frames and Hardware; Interior Finishes; Signage and Markings; Roofing; Low Voltage/Data Communications; Electrical; and Lighting.  The GRE is scheduled to be complete and operational in 2021.

For more information on Ground Run-up Enclosures, check out our teammate’s, Blast Delflectors, Inc., recent article.  


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