Air Carrier Terminal Apron Replacement, Phases 1-3

Greenville-Spartanburg International Airport, Greer, SC

Cost $17.9M

Project Description

This project comprised complete air carrier terminal apron replacement and strengthening and was divided into three phases to coincide with available federal and local funding. Phase 1 included replacement of over 1,700 feet of existing cast iron trench drain with a precast slotted concrete drain. Phases 2 and 3 included complete replacement of the PCC pavement, base and subbase courses.

Airport Improvement Magazine article

Project Highlights

  • Designed the concrete slabs with open drainage slots in the top
    • 144 precast concrete panels were custom designed and manufactured to match the existing concrete apron joint pattern.
    • The slabs were labeled and delivered to the job site in sequence and set on the existing prepared surface and tailored-cut trench walls
  • Phase 2 included nearly 25,000 SY of 17” P-501 PCC pavement
  • Phase 3 included 29,000 SY of 17” PCC P-501 pavement
  • Phases 2 and 3 also included 9,000 SY of new apron widening to allow for larger separation of GSE equipment
  • Connector Taxiways L2 and L3 to the terminal apron were also widened and fillets upgraded to facilitate larger aircraft and their turning radii.
  • Due to local subgrade conditions, a new underdrain system was constructed under the new PCC surface
  • Analyzed gate utilizations
    • Repainted each of the aircraft lead in lines with varying nose wheel markings to maximize the utility of each gate for various aircraft

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