Airfield Runway and Taxiway Repairs

Mayport Naval Station, FL

Cost $13.2M

Project Description

Mayport Naval Station Runway 5-23 is 8,000’ long x 200’ wide. The design approach for this project comprised a combination of full-depth reclamation (FDR) with asphalt overlay for the 75’ wide keel section and the full length and width of 75’ wide parallel Taxiway G;  traditional mill and overlay for the runway sections outside the keel and the 6 remaining taxiway connectors; and concrete/joint seal repair for the 500’ PCC runway/taxiway end sections.  Also included in the scope was the removal of existing helipads, drainage improvements, remarking of the runway and taxiway, as well as remarking of the adjacent Helo parking apron, all designed in accordance with applicable Unified Facilities Criteria, including UFC 3-260-01 “Airfield and Heliport Planning and Design” and United Facilities Guide Specifications (UFGS) project requirements.

Project Highlights

  • NAVFAC originally considered a mill and overlay for the entire runway and taxiway system.
    • Upon review of the geotechnical findings and on-site evaluation of the existing conditions, it was recommended by the design team to introduce Full Depth Reclamation (FDR) to address the varying environmental distresses present.
    • They included excessive full-depth block cracking, longitudinal and transverse cracking, oxidation, patching, and swelling with low to medium severity levels, leading to a rapid rate of degradation and foreign object debris (FOD) potential.
    • The final FDR runway and taxiway section constructed was 4” asphalt (with modified performance-grade binder) and 10” FDR stabilized base course over the existing remaining base course left in place.
    • Through the rehabilitation process, the longitudinal and transverse slopes were also corrected.