Airside 4 Expansion, Central Energy Plant (CEP) and Related Work

Orlando International Airport, Orlando, FL

Cost $93.5M

Project Description

The project consisted of two main components of work in two separate geographic locations. The first comprised the Central Energy Plant or CEP to provide chilled water and support services to Airside 4. The original central plant utility from the landside terminal was diverted back to the expanded landside terminal to provide additional cooling capacity. The new CEP is exclusive to Airside 4. The second project element followed by about six months. This component consisted of the actual Airside 4 expansion of the building outline to accommodate additional and expanded international passenger traffic and larger aircraft parking positions, including one A380, three-bridge gate position. This portion of the project comprised the expansion of Wing 12 to the south by approximately 20-feet as well as the relocation of four Passenger Boarding Bridges (PBB) and one high mast light pole to accommodate a new sterile corridor connection to an enlarged hub FIS area.

Project Highlights

  • Development of Construction Safety and Phasing Plans
  • Utility adjustments
  • Stormwater Collection and Transmission system
  • Jet Fuel Hydrant relocations
  • Purchase of three Passenger Boarding Bridges, including 1 new third level PBB, for passenger transfers from the new A380 1U door
  • Expansion of the Airside Hub Area to add approximately 20,000 sf of additional space for international passenger processing
  • Major interior remodeling and re-purposing of the existing spaces
  • Replacement of the 30-year old cast-iron sewer laterals
  • Extension of the existing hub power and communications duct banks to the edge of the Airside 4 apron, near the vicinity and with interconnectivity to the new CEP
  • This project received the ENR Southeast 2019 Best Projects, Award of Merit.