Chiller Replacement

Destin-Fort Walton Beach Airport, Eglin AFB, FL

Cost $4.5M

Project Description

This project consisted of the replacement of two (2) air-cooled chillers and associated constant volume pumps and control valves which serve the approximately 110,000 sf VPS terminal. This project was organized into two phases. Phase 1 constituted removal of the existing air-cooled chillers, pumps, and ancillaries and replacement with new chillers, primary constant volume pumps, and digital data controls (DDC) upgrade. Phase 2 comprised an evaluation of the remaining terminal cooling system and development of a short- and long-term capital improvement program (CIP) for the terminal HVAC system. This evaluation considered current equipment loadings, useful life, and conditions.

Project Highlights

  • The air-cooled chillers are approximately 300 tons each
  • The chillers were specified with a maximum energy efficiency ratio (EER) and integrated part load values (IPLV)
  • The chillers were specified with variable speed compressors and variable speed condenser fans to achieve high energy performance
  • The existing Siemens DDC control system was upgraded to the current software version and additional points were added to capture chiller operating data, alarms, chilled water supply and return temperatures, outside air conditions, and other critical data subject to budget limitations
  • Electrical design included power distribution plans associated with the new HVAC equipment and provide single-line diagrams for construction and provide lightning protection for new HVAC equipment
  • Structural design included detailing equipment supports for the new roof-mounted equipment
  • Project phasing indicated removal of one chiller and pump during off peak load conditions such that the chilled water system would remain operational during the equipment replacement
  • The CIP provided a recommended equipment replacement schedule that the County can use to program future funds