Epcot Living Seas Pavilion, HVAC Replacement

Orlando, FL

Project Description

AVCON has provided engineering design services for HVAC equipment upgrades at the Epcot World Showcase Sea Pavilion. The project included the replacement of twenty-eight (28) air handling units which serve the entire building. The facility is served from the Epcot chilled water and heating hot water loops. Initially field surveys were completed to verify the existing conditions. Unit design included double wall air handler cabinets with chilled water-cooling coils, hot water heating coils, access sections, MERV 13 filtration, interior light fixtures, plenum fans, UV filtration and control interface with the existing EMS system. Ductwork design included layout of duct systems in mechanical rooms to efficiently transition to existing connections. Chilled water and hot water piping were replaced to improve access to new air handlers. New valves in the chilled water and hot water piping systems were provided for maintenance purposes. Electrical design included recircuiting all new HVAC equipment and replacement of existing main distribution panels and motor control centers.

Project Highlights

  • Demolition plans were provided to indicate equipment to be removed and extent of project demolition.
  • Replaced major electrical components including motor control centers.
  • Smoke evacuation system was replaced and interfaced with the existing fireman’s control center.
  • Humidity control was provided in all zones to enable the owner to monitor and maintain acceptable levels.
  • Relief fans were provided for purging ride areas of the building.
  • Testing of main underground feeders was conducted.