Facilities and Operational Assessment

Fort Walton Beach, FL

Project Description

The AVCON Team completed a facilities inventory and operational assessment of the facilities owned and maintained by the City of Fort Walton beach. The AVCON Team, along with City staff, visited and inventoried each facility. The condition of each facility was documented, and the categories evaluated included civil/site, architectural, mechanical/electrical/plumbing, and operational. The results of the condition and operational assessment were compiled to form a capital improvement plan. Additionally, recommendations were made to maximize efficiencies and create a safer working environment for the employees and the general public. The improvements were programmed based on the following categories: public safety concerns; code compliance; replacement due to exceeding service life of the system; and general maintenance of systems. Budgets were prepared for the 20-year planning period with yearly repair costs and reserve budgets identified to help the City of Fort Walton Beach become more prepared in planning annual budgets.


Facilities Evaluated: 

  • Public Work Complex
  • City Hall Complex
  • Fire Station No. 6
  • Fire Station No. 7
  • Police Station 
  • Sanitation Facility 
  • Museum Complex
  • Library
  • Beal Memorial Cemetery
  • Recreational Facility
  • Golf Course
  • Tennis Center
  • Old City Hall

Project Highlights

  • The civil/site inventory included the area within the facility property line but outside the building footprint.
    • Various aspects of the property were inventoried including drainage, fencing, site security, landscaping, and irrigation systems.
    • The utility services were evaluated to include natural gas, water, and sewer.
    • Parking lots were evaluated for access, number of parking spaces including handicapped, pavement condition, pavement markings, lighting, and drainage.
  • The architectural inventory included a complete review of the building envelope specifically focusing on water intrusion prevention.
    • This included an evaluation of the roof, walls, windows, doors, flashing, and any penetrations of the building envelope.
    • Apparent water leaks were identified and documented.
    • The interior architectural aspects of the building were also evaluated to include walls, doors, ceilings, and floor coverings.
    • The restrooms were separately evaluated to consider fixture count and Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) compliance.
    • Other features evaluated included overall ADA compliance of the facility, life safety code compliance and a cursory structural analysis.
  • The mechanical/electrical/plumbing (MEP) inventory included an evaluation of the building systems.
    • This evaluation included a review of the electrical service to the building, panelboards, switchboards, interior wiring, and availability of emergency power.
    • Other components evaluated included communication systems (local area network and telephone), fire detection, and security systems.
    • Plumbing systems inventoried included potable water systems, hot water heaters, sanitary sewer, and fire sprinkler systems.
    • Overall facility systems and components were rated excellent (requiring only general maintenance to maintain the existing level or service for the next 5-year period) to critical (replacement or reconstruction should be considered immediately due to equipment life and/or safety concerns).

“Working with AVCON has truly been a pleasure. AVCON endeavored to minimize the City’s day-to-day involvement on this project so the City could focus on other tasks. We are very pleased with the capital improvement program which is assisting the City in budgeting improvements over the next 20 years.“