Hammock Bay Subdivision, General Consulting Services

Freeport, FL

Project Description

AVCON has been providing general consulting services (for the Jay Odom Group) to the Hammock Bay subdivision since 2013. AVCON’s work consists of roadway, platting, utility infrastructure design, and stormwater design for the Hammock Bay subdivision.

Project Highlights

  • The project comprises a 3,000+ ac site and is being executed as part of a three-year plan
  • The property currently includes 320 Multi-Family Units and 670 Single-Family Homes
  • Properties completed include:
    • Meadows
    • Central Park
    • Buxton’s Mill
    • SweetWater
    • FireFly
    • Vineyards
    • Vintage Cove
    • Crescent Mill
    • Mill Cottages
    • ParkView
    • Latitude Apartments
    • General Store