New Airfield Electrical Vault

Kissimmee Gateway Airport - Kissimmee, FL

Cost $3.2M

Project Description

Kissimmee Gateway Airport’s (ISM) Airfield Lighting Vault (ALV) was reconstructed to update safety compliance, fire protection, electrical, structural, and other building codes, as well as for relocation to a secured area above the elevation of the runway’s centerline. The ALV is a critical facility and part of the airport’s infrastructure, and without it, the airport would be non-functional during nighttime and adverse weather conditions. Airfield lighting, being serviced by the ALV, provides a safe operating environment for aircraft operators and the traveling public. The new electrical vault is a fully functional ALV that meets FAA, Florida Building Code, Florida Fire Protection Code, National Electrical Code (NEC), and NFPA 70E electrical safety criteria.

Safety and Resiliency were two cornerstones of this project. To ensure the seamless operation of the ALV, many safety procedures were adopted for maximum security and personal safety. Additionally, resiliency features were enabled to keep the ALV fully functional in all possible conditions for the safety of aircraft operators and travelers.

Project Highlights

  • Increased elevation above runway centerline to prevent flooding.
  • Equipped with a lightning protection program and surge protection on all incoming equipment power to mitigate damage from a lighting event.
  • Provided Safety Board in accordance with FAA AC 150/5340-26C with lock-out and tag-out equipment and instructions, first aid kit, first responder kit, automatic defibrillator, electrical safety equipment, handbooks, and signage.
  • An Arc Flash Study on all equipment was conducted with recommendations for Personal Protective Equipment (PPE).