North Fort Christmas Road Safety Improvements

Christmas, FL

Cost $590K

Project Description

North Fort Christmas Road is a rural, two-lane roadway with significant safety issues needing attention. There were sub-standard offsets to the adjacent roadside ditches and no existing shoulders. Roadway curves did not meet the Florida Greenbook criteria and warning signage was inadequate.  AVCON worked to design upgraded safety measures and practical features needed to improve overall function of the roadway.

Project Highlights

  • Segments of the roadway were reconstructed with increased superelevation to aid in the safety of travelers
  • Other upgrades included vibratory pavement markings, “curve ahead” warning signage, roadside drainage, additional paved shoulders, and regraded ditches to eliminate drop off hazards within the clear zone.
  • A Threatened and Endangered species assessment was performed which identified gopher tortoise burros near the project site. It was determined there was enough of a buffer to the construction activities.
  • St. Johns River Water Management District permit exemption was obtained to address the changes in surface waters associated with ditch regrading.