Northwest Development Hangar 1005

Cecil Airport - Jacksonville, FL

Cost $9.4M

Project Description

Cecil Airport is a public airport and commercial spaceport in northeast Florida owned by the Jacksonville Aviation Authority. Cecil is strategically positioned to access various modes of transportation such as rail, roadway, airport, and seaport. Because of the airport’s growth, Cecil activated the Northwest Development Project. This included, among other developments, the full design of one (1) 40,000-square-foot hangar and the associated infrastructure. AVCON teamed with Michael Baker International and provided Mechanical, Fire Protection, Electrical, and Plumbing, services for the hangar.

Project Highlights

  • Design of an innovative compressed air system that allows for the rejection of heat into the hangar during winter months.
  • Plumbing included a trench drain system for the hangar area to remove foam, rainwater, and waste, which flows to an oil-water separator.
  • Mechanical design elements comprised a 10-ton split system for the office areas, heat pump systems for each of the shop bays, electric unit heaters, and 4 HVLS fans.
  • Electrical scope included lighting, fire alarm, telecommunication, grounding, and lightning protection design.