Northwest Florida State College CEP and Underground Pipe Replacement

Niceville Campus, Niceville, FL

Cost $2.3M

Project Description

The project consisted of design and construction phase services for the replacement of three water cooled chillers, cooling towers, chilled water and condenser water pumps, high efficiency gas-fired boilers, hot water distribution pumps, and all underground hot water and chilled water piping at the Northwest Florida State College Niceville Campus.

Project Highlights

  • The underground piping replacement covered the entire campus’s HVAC system from the central energy plant to all 22 buildings totaling approximately six miles of new piping.
  • Phasing plans were prepared to enable the college to maintain all campus functions during the construction phase of the project.
  • Extensive site surveys were conducted to verify underground pipe locations and connection points at each building such that changeover from the existing to the new campus loops would progress without incidence.
  • Installation of the new piping system with 50-year life was completed prior to demolition of the existing system.

“The extra steps taken by AVCON to identify underground conflicts resulted in a safer project with improved productivity. It is very uncommon to complete a job of this significance without any unforeseen conflicts.“