Pine Hills Trail

Pine Hills Trail

Orange County, FL

Cost $750K

Project Description

AVCON provided design for approximately 2.8 miles of Pine Hills Trail in Orange County, FL.  The trail extends from Alhambra Drive to Silver Star Road with an additional spur to Barnett Park.  The project also included reshaping multiple ponds to accommodate the trail.  In addition, revised pedestrian crossings and signals were updated at Silver Star Road along with a completely new signal and crossing at Pine Hills Road. AVCON prepared an application and obtained a permit for stormwater drainage facilities and a stormwater conveyance system. Due to our relationships with the water management district and extensive coordination prior to permit submittal, AVCON was able to obtain a permit for this project in 4 days!


Project Highlights

  • Utility Coordination:
    • The project was constructed within existing Duke Energy Easements and required extensive coordination with Duke Energy and accommodation of their offset requirements including interface with numerous other telecommunication companies.
  • Environmental Analysis:
    • Field surveys of portions of the project that had wetland areas were flagged and the AVCON team met with agencies to establish the environmental jurisdictional boundaries for permitting purposes.
  • Design and Plan Preparation:
    • Some components of the design and plan preparation included a key sheet, drainage maps, typical sections, reference ties, roadway plans and profiles, parcel sketches, soil survey, stormwater pollution prevention plan, erosion control plan and more.
  • Permitting:
    • AVCON actively worked with St. Johns River Water Management District to provide permitting modifications for major revisions to the pond at Silver Star Road in just 4 days’ time. As a best management practice, and in concert with Orange County’s wishes , AVCON provided swales throughout project limits to eliminate additional runoff from impacting adjacent businesses and residents.
  • Structural Features:
    • Gravity walls and retaining walls were required and provided, and a failing wingwall was observed and rehabilitated, ensuring safe placement of the adjacent trail section.
  • Traffic Signal Design and Plans:
    • AVCON worked closely with the FDOT to help implement FDOT Traffic Study recommendations for pedestrian crossings. Signage and markings were also carefully considered with pedestrian and bicycle movements at the center of safety.