Repair T-6 Surfaces, Airfield Repair ENJJPT Apron (Design-Build)

Sheppard Air Force Base, TX

Cost $22.75M

Project Description

This design-build project consisted of airfield pavement repair of the T-6 surfaces and ENJPPT apron. The site for this project included Runway 15L-33R which is located on the east edge of the airfield, Taxiway Kilo which is located on the north side of the airfield and connects to Runway 15L-33R, and Taxiway Golf that connects the southern end of Runway 15L-33R to Runway 15C-33C.  Repair of the T-6 surfaces included milling and overlaying Runway 15L-33R and associated overruns; Taxiways K and G (east) to include transition of pavement type from asphalt cement concrete (ACC) to Portland cement concrete (PCC); and warm-up pads located on Taxiway K and G (east) to include transition from ACC to PCC, widening, and adding paved shoulders as well as increasing taxiway width by 25’ to a total width of 75’; adding paved shoulders; replacing selected lighting components serving Runway 15L-33R; and relocating taxiway edge lighting to accommodate the addition of paved shoulders and for the repair of the ENJPPT apron to include east, west, and south apron shoulders by repairing asphalt (HMA) surface by full depth replacement, and north apron shoulders by repairing HMA surface by mill and overlay and reducing existing HMA shoulder widths.

Project Highlights

  • Required extensive coordination with the Owner, Contractor and Design Team.
  • The design and construction complied with UFC 1-200-02, High Performance and Sustainable Building (HPSB) requirements.
  • Involved the full depth reconstruction of the pavement section with 4-inches of HMA on 6-inches of crushed aggregate base, on 10-inches of cement stabilized sub-base.
  • Included new pavement markings and replacement of runway and taxiway edge lights with new base cans, circuiting, and ground grid.