Runway 18L-36R Rehabilitation and Related Work

Runway 18L-36R Rehabilitation and Related Work

Orlando International Airport - Orlando, FL

Cost $27.6M

Project Description

Key design elements of this project included pavement (asphalt and concrete); airfield markings, signage, and lighting; drainage and permitting; pipe/structure rehabilitation; and Construction Safety & Phasing Plan (CSPP).  The goal of the project was to extend the useful life of the pavement as well as upgrade the lighting system to LED lights/signage and restore/correct drainage to graded surfaces.  All centerline, edge, and touchdown zone lighting were replaced with LED edge lights and improvements were made to the existing electrical vault. In addition, after evaluating the drainage structures and discovering that the Reinforced Concrete Pipes (RCP) had reached the end of their useful life, with one 36-inch RCP already collapsed near the runway shoulder, AVCON determined that conventional trenching was not a viable option and recommended a trenchless solution.  This unique, cost-effective trenchless solution provided the airport with a structurally sound drainage system for the next 100 years and avoided a complete removal and replacement of the runway’s concrete pavement and asphalt shoulders.

Project Highlights

  • Rehabilitated the full length of the Airport’s Group 6 Runway 18L-36R, as well as the crossing taxiway connectors (J, E, Y, A2, B1, B2, B5, B6, B7, and B10) between Runway 18L-36R and its safety areas.
  • Milled and overlayed the outer-keel and shoulder pavements and provided localized spall repairs and isolated slab replacement on the PCC pavements.
  • PCC joints were routed, cleaned, and sealed, while cracks on the milled asphalt surface were routed and sealed prior to the asphalt overlay.
  • Taxiway shoulders were sealed with an emulsified asphalt seal coat and markings were repainted in accordance with FAA AC 150/5340-1M.
  • All existing non-LED edge lights within the project limits were replaced with LED type L-862(L) or L-850C(L) runway edge lights, L-852A(L) runway centerline lights and L-850(L)B runway touch down zone lights.
  • The existing RCP was slip-lined with Fusible Polyvinyl Chloride Pipe (FPVCP).

Project Milestones

  • Paving included 37,500 tons of P-401 asphalt and 3,950 square yards of 16.5-inch PCC paving
  • 580,000 linear feet of L-824 airfield cable was installed to support the new construction and recircuiting. Electrical loads were reduced by over 50%, greatly enhancing sustainability.
  • A total of eight (8) 36-inch RCP stormwater crossings under the runway, totaling 6,230 linear feet, and one 42-inch RCP crossing totaling 1,200 linear feet were rehabilitated.