Runway 18R-36L Rehabilitation and Related Work

Orlando International Airport, Orlando, FL

Cost $14.3M

Project Description

Key Design Elements included milling and repaving existing asphalt pavement for the outer runway sections and runway shoulders; resurfacing existing asphalt pavement for taxiway shoulders and a majority of both blast pads; repairing and resealing existing concrete pavement joints, primarily in the center keel section of the runway and repairing/replacing cracked slabs; and improving existing runway lighting, marking, and signage to comply with current FAA standards.

Project Highlights

  • Use of recycled asphalt millings in the P-401-SP-RM (Superpave Recycled Mix) resulted in a $300,000 savings for the project at the time of bid
  • New LED fixtures for centerline, touchdown zone and edge lighting were provided on the Runway
    • The High Intensity Runway Edge Lights (HIRL) were the first LED installation for a commercial service airport in Florida
  • Complete upgrade of the airfield lighting and signage with low energy usage and low maintenance characteristics
    • 60% increase in energy efficiency.
  • This project received the 2014 Air Carrier Award from the Illuminating Engineering Society of North America, Aviation Lighting Committee.

Project Milestones

  • 7,000± square yards (sy) of 17” thick concrete pavement
  • 31,000± tons of asphalt runway and taxiway pavement (including shoulders and blast pads)
  • 145± miles of new power cabling and 8.5± miles of new electric duct bank
  • 230,000± square feet (sf) of waterborne airfield pavement markings
  • 15,000± sf of preformed thermoplastic airfield pavement markings
  • 1,215± new energy saving LED airfield lights and 74± LED airfield signs
  • Removal of 42± airfield electrical manholes and replacement with Junction Can Plazas