Taxiway Echo Extension

Project Description

The extension of Taxiway E allowed aircraft to have a safe pathway to Runway 33 from Taxiways Alpha and Bravo, as well as the southeast hangar facilities without having to backtaxi or cross another runway. This project also advances development for the east quadrant of the airport. The Taxiway Echo Extension Project was led by our in-house civil design team with its main objective being to lengthen the taxiway 1,800 feet to meet the requirements of the KISM Airport Master Plan and Airport Layout Plan.  Connecting Taxiway Golf with Taxiway Hotel, this project was an essential addition to the airport for both safety and capacity. AVCON provided civil design, grading, electrical, markings, and turfing services to the airport, in addition to construction engineering and management.

Project Highlights

  • Full removal of the Kissimmee Jet Center Hangar (KissJet) facility and apron to make way for the extended Taxiway E. This facility presented prominent obstructions inside the existing FAR Part 77 surfaces, as well as its penetration into the Runway Object Free Area (ROFA) of Runway 6-24 and the Building Restriction Line (BRL).
  • This project lays the groundwork for the future expansion of Taxiway E to the west, crossing Runway 15-33 to connect with Runway 6 for a full parallel taxiway, opening this quadrant for economic development.
  • Installation of a complete FAA Medium Intensity Taxiway Lighting (MIRL) system using Light Emitting Diode (LED) technology to establish better visibility for pilots.