Taxiway R Reconstruction and Terminal Apron Expansion

Orlando Sanford International Airport, Sanford, FL

Cost $12.3M

Project Description

This project included partial reconstruction of Taxiway R and the expansion of the Apron to accommodate additional aircraft parking near the Terminal as the current Terminal Apron had reached its expansion limit to the east (adjacent to Taxiway C). The apron expansion geometry accounts for future Terminal Expansion to the southeast, as identified on the current FAA-approved Airport Layout Plan (ALP), to ensure the apron parking will not obstruct any future airport development or protected areas/surfaces such as the Runway Visibility Zone (RVZ). The parameters for both the geometry and the pavement design for the Apron Expansion was based on ADG V, TDG 6 aircraft (A340-600) to support current Airport needs.

Project Highlights

  • Implemented energy-saving LED lighting and signage, including LED High Mast Apron Lighting
  • Completed without negatively impacting any commercial operations at SFB

Project Milestones

  • 35,000±square yards (SY) of 16” thick concrete pavement
  • 13,000±tons of asphalt taxiway pavement (including shoulders)
  • 53,000±square yards (SY) of limerock base material (including shoulders)
  • 80,000±cubic yards (CY) of borrow material
  • 30,000±square feet (SF) of waterborne airfield pavement markings
  • 1,700±linear feet (LF) of stormwater pipe
  • 560±linear feet (LF) of Double 18”x42” slotted in-pavement box culvert
  • 5±miles of new power cabling
  • 137 new energy saving LED airfield lights and 13 LED airfield signs
  • Installation of 4 Junction Can Plazas