Westmoreland Path – Safe Pathway to the Academic Center for Excellence

Orlando, FL

Cost $2.45M

Project Description

A new progressive K-8 school, the Academic Center for Excellence, was opened in downtown Orlando. This ground-breaking school required a safe pathway to be designed, constructed and accessible to pedestrians in time for the school’s opening in August 2017 and would also need to provide access to Orlando City Stadium, downtown college campuses, and high-tech digital media hub, Creative Village. To meet the necessary deadline, the AVCON was required to design and construct a multi-use path in a heavily congested city center and address numerous challenges in coordination, utility relocation, the incorporation of eco-friendly elements in the design and assisting the City of Orlando in ensuring the scope of work met budgetary needs.

Project Highlights

  • Design and construction was completed within six months (in time for the first day of school)
  • The two-mile project was split into six different segments (as soon as one segment was completed, the design was provided to the contractor to begin construction)
    • Up to six different contractors worked on the project at once
  • Multiple EOR’s were utilized with completely different design teams integrating design plans for a single segment
  • Included relocation of numerous power poles located on the proposed location of the path
    • Five different utilities were attached to the poles:
    • OUC Electric
    • Spectrum FOC
    • AT&T Long Distance
    • AT&T Local
    • City of Orlando ITS
  • Eco-friendly materials comprised use of recycled tire grounds glued together
    • Resulted in the porous material of the path which allows rainwater to drain through the surface as opposed to off and into adjacent storm drains
  • Reclaimed existing brick pavement that had been previously paved over with asphalt
    • The brick was reinstalled elsewhere in the Parramore neighborhood during the roadway rehabilitation portion of the project