3 Ways Site Development Engineers Work Towards a Better Future for You

Site Development Engineers (DEs) are tasked with balancing environmental, social, and ethical requirements and needs throughout the life cycle of any given project and sometimes beyond. DEs often must predict how a new development may affect its community. However, addressing concerns from multiple viewpoints can make it challenging to engender solutions that satisfy the needs of the whole community and its governing bodies. Below are three aspects of site development where the community and engineers can align together.

Environmental Awareness 

Site Development Engineers complete a series of assessments to understand the hydrologic and hydrogeological aspects of the site before design begins. The impact on the environment is different for every project, so the DEs have certain criteria or checks that allow them to understand the choices associated with each project and provide a solution for the best possible outcome. The environmental intent of a project for Site Development Engineers is to improve the project area and to minimize any negative environmental impact. The Government also plays a crucial role in influencing projects towards a more sustainable approach. Sometimes, environmental issues are a catalyst for new innovations and resiliency efforts.

Social Impacts and Responsiveness 

Community Meetings go a long way for balancing social impacts within a project and helping understand a community’s goals. Most municipalities require Development Engineers to hold these meetings. An example of this is when the project requires a Rezoning Process, the community is normally involved in this as it impacts social aspects of the area they reside in. Encouraging involvement from citizens with a genuine connection to the area allows the Development Engineer to produce solutions tailored to the greater good of society.

Ethics for Site Development  

DE’s must be mindful when designing a new development, remembering that their main responsibility is to serve the community and the people residing in that community. That includes creating solutions that produce a positive impact and improve the social, environmental, and socioeconomic sustainability of the area.

Hernán Sabau, EI, A.M.ASCE

Land Development Engineer

Hernán is a Land Development Engineer at AVCON, INC. with about 3 years of experience. Since graduating with his Bachelor of Science in Civil Engineering from the University of Central Florida, he has worked on designing commercial, residential, and governmental projects. Hernán has a clear passion to help the community and environment that goes beyond the normal practices of engineering ethics.