Airfield lighting is an exceedingly important aspect of all airports, large and small, requiring a detail-oriented approach to maintenance, upgrades, and new system/vault designs. As quoted by our senior airfield lighting specialist, Mr. Carl Johnson, EC, ACE, An airport without lights is a DAYport. Airports are virtually unable to safely function past dusk or even on a cloudy day without thousands of individual lights guiding the way. It is important for airports to understand the condition of their airfield lighting infrastructure and the best way to deep dive into the subject is by conducting a vault study.

With over 30 years of experience, a licensed electrician on staff, AAAE ACE certifications in Airfield Lighting Maintenance, specialized test equipment, PPE, and training in OSHA and NFPA safety requirements, AVCON has become a leader in airfield lighting within the A/E/C industry.

Explore the brochure below for detailed information on the firm’s vault study capabilities, and contact Mr. Mark Goodacre, ACE, AVCON’s Airfield Lighting Design Manager, to see how our team can assist with your airfield lighting system and vault needs.